I’m currently a doctoral researcher at King’s College London at the IoPPN researching the neuroscience and psychology of belief and delusion formation, funded through the MRC. I also produce music, love to write, and recently got into bouldering (it’s a steep learning curve). You can often find me on Twitter.

My current research question is to understand the role of dopamine in the modulation of belief salience.

Before my PhD I completed an MSc at UCL in Clinical Mental Health in 2016, worked as a research assistant in the Division of Psychiatry at UCL in the field of social cognition and psychosis, as well as working at Monash and Birkbeck as a researcher. I also continue to act as researcher at Thrive Therapeutic Software – using AI and machine learning to help improve user adherence to digital mental health interventions.

On the side I’ve always been really into the interface between technology and mental health, whether that’s in the form of digital interventions for psychosis or understanding how mediums like computer games can be enhanced to help us therapeutically through absorbing narratives and mechanics.

I also like to think I’m starting to learn how to code fairly well, and enjoy using R and Python (Psychopy) for statistical analysis and experimental design. Give me a good open data set and I’ll be away for hours.

For fun, I like to write about mental health, technology, and consciousness, interview interesting people on my podcast, dabble with music – sometimes for brain hackathons, and recently got into bouldering (sort of like climbing but not as high and without ropes).

I have been generously given a couple of other awards such as funding to attend The Mind and Life Institute in 2017, being awarded No.1 for innovation in 2016 at UCL for my developed prototype mindfulness app for students, and winning ‘best hack’ as team leader and music producer for our teams (Senscapes) creation at the Horizon 2020 Dublin Hackathon.

Here’s our latest Senscapes iteration:

You can find me on Twitter @joebarnby, Instagram joebarnby, and LinkedIn Joseph Barnby. I generally do a lot of rambling but also like to re-tweet other peoples interesting work.