I’m a doctoral researcher at the IoPPN (KCL) researching the neuroscience and psychology of belief and delusion formation, funded through the MRC.

I also give talks on neuroscience, mental health, and consult as a research scientist.

You can often find me on Twitter @joebarnby.

My current research aims to understand the role of dopamine in the formation and maintenance of beliefs and delusions.

This uses a combination of social and computational modelling, and pharmacological methods.




I have been generously given some funding and awards:

  • King’s Experience Award for my blend of art and mental health
  • Medical Research Council funding to complete my doctoral research
  • Funding for my public engagement/art and science venture Senscapes from the Science Gallery, King’s College London, Horizon 2020, and the Wellcome Trust
  • Funding to attend The Mind and Life Institute in 2017
  • Awarded No.1 for innovation in 2016 at UCL for my developed prototype mindfulness app for students.

You can find me on Twitter @joebarnby, Instagram joebarnby, and LinkedIn Joseph Barnby. I generally do a lot of rambling but also like to re-tweet interesting things.