Senscapes™ is a collaborative science and art partnership, co founded by Joe Barnby, Steven Jerjian, Abbi Fletcher, and Tim West.

It’s core aim is to bridge the gap between personal and shared sensory experiences – using EEG, machine learning, sound, and visual art to translate the internal world.

Our recent pitch for the Cognisynth at the BOZAR Horizon 2020 electronic arts festival in Brussels:

Our second incarnation was birthed in Dublin as part of the Horizon 2020 event ‘HackTheBrain’ – we wanted to transform live EEG feeds of our participant touching different textures into sound and visual art – the audio/visual output changed dynamically, sensitive to the different materials that were being touched:

This is our first incarnation, transforming prerecorded MEG waves from a participant on LSD (provided by Imperial College London) into a full length audio/visual piece at the AXNSCollective hack, ‘Sines’. We hoped to translate in music and art the internal experience of an LSD trip.